Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider

Partner Scott Bosler is one of the Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey in the Central California area. We have helped hundreds of Dave’s referrals from Lancaster in the south to Modesto in the north and over to Monterey on the coast of California. These referrals have come to us in attempt to make sense out of their property and casualty insurance protection (auto, home, and liability umbrella insurance). When we meet with these referrals, whether in person on the phone/webinar, here is how we help them:

  • We spend time to get to know them so we can so we can customize a plan specifically for their needs…
  • We design a plan of protection using Dave’s financial principles…
  • If the plan makes sense and they want to go ahead with it, we implement the plan on behalf of our new client…
  • In almost all cases we provide better insurance protection than they have ever had before…
  • In many cases we often save our new client money.
  • Most people tell us after they are done with our process they understand their insurance program better than ever!

Here is what a few of Dave’s referrals have said about our service (from Dave Ramsey website…names are withheld):

“CIG was a no brainer for my wife and I when it came to getting new car insurance. Mark walked us through all of our questions and made suggestions based off of what Dave teaches in FPU. Now thanks to ELP and CIG not only do I have better coverage and a helpful staff but a cheaper rate on our insurance! ”

“Scott Bosler worked hard and fast to get homeowner and auto insurance quotes to me. He answered each and every one of my questions and there were many. He also answered them quickly and thoroughly. I feel like for the first time in 8 years of owning a home that I actually understand the coverage I have. We have switched over our homeowners insurance, Scott saved us over $500 a year on my two homeowners policies. Even though he couldn’t match the rate for my auto insurance it was through his advice which he quoted from Dave Ramsey that caused us to raise our liability from 30/60 to 500/500 and our deductible from 250 to 1000. For $40 more every 6 months we are thoroughly covered thanks to Scott. I have been and will continue to recommend him to friends.”

“Scott was very helpful and kind. His heart was very much in tune with God. Very kind and helpful with a listening ear. Felt very comfortable talking. Felt that God was in the midst of our conversation.”

“Before talking with Scott I was grossly under-insured and paying too much for my homeowners insurance. I had no umbrella coverage and if I were to get in an auto accident and really hurt someone I could have lost everything. My home, auto, and umbrella are all taken care of. For the first time since I took the FPU class I feel that my family is protected. Thank you much.”

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